About Us

„All our team members have worked in luxury travel industry for serveral years either in planning or / and in operating tours.“

Peter Rohde | Owner and tour operator

Peter Rohde

Owner/ Operator

I’m passionate about my job as an exclusive tourist guide. Therefore, I love to show my guests around Munich, Bavaria, Germany, and its neighboring countries, share my knowledge about history, culture, habits, and characteristics, enrich my tours with fascinating legends, funny and entertaining anecdotes, and insightful stories, and introduce them to my favorite places and hidden spots along the way.
If time allows I do accompany my guests also for a day, or several days in my own luxurious Mercedes V- class vehicle with space for 6 guests.

I’m a people person with a lot of empathy, cultural knowledge, and interest in my guests. Hence, I’m able to create a harmonious, relaxed time with sustainable impressions.


I was born, went to high school, studied economics (professional school), and lived most of my life in Bavaria, Germany.
Luckily, I have traveled a lot around the world, worked for over twenty years in international banking as a relationship manager, and lived for several years in Manhattan, Hong Kong, Sydney, and Cape Town. That’s where I improved my English skills and learned about different cultures.
As an exclusive tourist guide, I see my role as a door opener to a foreign country, an interpreter of a different culture, and a supporter of my guests so that their wishes come true.
My tours intend to create a very individual experience and to be of the highest service level.

Sandra Walenta

Senior Travel Designer

I am Sandra Walenta and I work for Prime Tours as a Senior Travel Designer since June 2021.


I am Sandra Walenta and I work for Prime Tours as a Travel Designer since June 2021.

After school I made my apprenticeship in a Travel Agency, sending clients all over the world. I also had the chance to work in different Hotels and at the airport during the last years and was therefore able to get to know the different sectors of tourism. As it was always my dream to be part of my clients’ trips and to work as a guide in different destinations I left Germany in 2013 to work abroad for 3 years. I had the great opportunity to work in Spain, Croatia, Turkey and Austria. In 2016 I came back to Germany and decided to stay and to create my “new life” in Germany again. I worked for a well-known Virtuoso DMC for Germany for more than 3 years.

Besides travelling my biggest passion is playing Billiard.

I love to create tailor-made high-end itineraries and unforgettable memories for our clients. Germany as well as Austria and Switzerland do have so many sights and cities to discover!

I am looking forward to receive your inquiry and to work with you!

Désirée Franz

Travel Designer

My name is Désirée Franz and I work for Prime Tours as a Travel Designer since December 2021.


After school I made my apprenticeship in a bank in Frankfurt, where I learned commercial basics. When I finished it, I worked in a branch of the bank at the airport in Frankfurt. There, I had much contact with pilots and flight attendants and they always talked about their wonderful moments abroad, what I found very interesting. I felt very soon, that I`d like to see more of the world and as I heard all these amazing stories in addition to my love for travelling and languages, I decided to study tourism in Kempten, Bavaria. I finished it in 2015 and started my career in Tourism. From 2016 – 2020, I worked for a Virtuoso travel agency, that created individual luxury journeys. It was an amazing experience to create tailor-made high-end itineraries and to see how they enjoyed their holidays.
Besides travelling, I love doing sport (Ultimate Frisbee since 10 years now, swimming or hiking in the mountains), reading and cooking.
I am really looking forward to work together with you and to design your unforgettable memories!

Cathrin Papp

Travel Designer

My name is Cathrin Papp and I work for Prime Tours as a Travel Designer since January 2023.


Cathrin Papp, born 1983 in Bremen / certified foreign language secretary for English, Spanish and French. 20 years professional experience as senior executive assistant. Lived abroad in Barcelona and Salzburg. Passionate for art, wine and traveling.

„In Munich we ended up having Peter Rohde – he did our Munich tour as well as the Eagle Nest visit.  He was super knowledgeable and provided us not only with factual history insights, but also a lot of personal insights into the German perspective on WWII, current German politics, the EU, etc.  We ask a lot of questions – and he was hitting on all cylinders.  Again A+.“