Family and Kids Tours

Germany is ideal for trips with kids of all age. It is a childfriendly and save country and there are no dangerous animals in the forests or lakes.
Depending on the season you are travelling, you can experience different outdoor activities such as swimming in lakes or in the North or East Sea, hiking, playgrounds, amusement parks, zoos and national parks, castle and ruins. On rainy days there are countless activities, too, like kids museums, adventure pools, caves, indoor playgrounds. And in the winter you could build a snow man, go skiing, ice scating or dog sled riding.


Peter Rohde

Owner & Tour Operator

That is my tip for a family trip in Germany:

Family tour – Germany


„The Europapark offers more than 100 attractions and shows as well as 6 hotels. In Germany’s biggest amusement park there are 15 themen areas and 13 spectacular roller coasters.  In the „Alpenexpress Coastiality“ the guests immerse themselves with the help of special glases in an animated 3-D-world and experience curves, headwind and centrifugal forces at the same time like in a real roller coaster. It is great for kids from 6 years old.“

Désirée Krause

Travel Designer

That is my tip for a family trip to Germany:

Family tour – Germany

Black Forest

„The Black Forest is a diversified travel destination for families. There are a lot of family friendly attractions like a tree top path, ziplining, the Wutach gorge, waterfalls, ruins, national parks, the lake Mummel and the Europapark Rust. The area is also well-known for its cokoo-clocks, excellent wines and food. There are several kids friendly hotels but also luxury hotels in that area.“

Sandra Walenta

Senior Travel Designer

That is my tip for a family trip to Germany:

family tour – Germany

Fairy Tale Route

The German Fairy Tale Route begins in the Brothers Grimm city of Hanau, their birthplace. From there, the unique route leads to five other stations in their lives and more than fifty places celebrating fairy tales and legends all the way to Bremen.
On a final detour to Buxtehude, the route leads through various natural and cultural landscapes, remote villages, cosy half-timbered towns and urban cultural centres. Legendary castles and fairytale palaces, enchanted forests and the famous Weser River, mystical places of legend and countless fairytale fountains line the route.“